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Join our Pinot Noir blind tasting and seminar series around the world, presented by Kosta Browne and Duckhorn Portfolio.

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Pinot Talks is an international seminar series that explores Pinot Noir through the lens of California and Burgundy. Each event includes a blind tasting of both California and Burgundian Pinot Noirs with a distinguished panel of Master Sommeliers, Masters of Wine, Winemakers, and Wine Writers. The goal is to explore the similarities and differences in the wines from each location, with a focus on quality, winemaking and the modern challenges of each region.

Our hope is that after each event, the audience will walk away from this experience enlightened, perhaps surprised and enthusiastic to continue the dialogue of California Pinot Noir among the industry at large.

Topics include:

  • Winemaking, fermentation vessels
  • Ageability, facts, myths
  • Geographical differences, climate change and effects
  • Global economy, import/export challenges, consumer demand and availability
  • Clones, vineyard practices, viticulture and resources
  • Cellaring, decanting, and more…

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About Kosta Browne

Obsessed with Pinot Noir

At Kosta Browne, we are obsessed with Pinot Noir. It is an ancient grape that profoundly reflects both the character of each growing season and the place where it is grown. The finest Pinot Noir grapes from around the world transform into thought-provoking wines that age eloquently and tell a story with a sense of place. It is our mission to become the global benchmark for California Pinot Noir and share the story of our home.